Christian (poppoppop) wrote in jerseyemo,

5x8 Band Trailer for Sale

Attention Bands of Rockland County and NJ (or anywhere near there)

I'm selling a 5 x 8 Trailer.

It has only been used on one tour and is in great condition. It will fit ALL your bands equipment plus bags/merch you name it.

It was bought new at Home Depot for just about 2200 and I'm selling it for only 1500 This is a fantastic deal if your band or company is looking for a trailer. Feel free to contact me through here or AIM. My screen name is runrunweooooh. You can also email me at cstefos At gmail dot com.

You will have to come to Rockland County to pick it up. Rockland, to those of you who don't live here is very close to North Jersey, and is right over the Tappan Zee Bridge.

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